Oconee Academy strives to meet the unique needs of diverse students in a safe and nurturing environment that fosters mutual respect.

Let's Stay Healthy Together

Meet Roxanne "Roxy" Rogers
Roxy is our resident Emotional Support Animal (ESA); her superpower is emotional healing.  She is utilized in many different ways. The primary reasons for an ESA is for managing anxiety attacks or fighting depression, among others, but when students are faced with a challenging situation that could affect how a person functions, our students can turn to Roxy to alleviate their discomfort.  She provides her own brand of healing with her unconditional love and support.  Each and every student and staff member she comes in contact with has a personal relationship with her, and the comic relief from her very unique personality makes our moods lighter.
 Roxy would like you all to subscribe to "Those Kids" Podcast on Spotify or iTunes to keep up with her kids and all the goings-on here at Oconee Academy! 

  • Providing a healthy and safe learning environment 
  • Creating lifelong learners through rigorous, relevant learning experiences 
  • Utilization of critical thinking and problem solving skills 
  • Student-centered, personalized education 
  • Being an integral part of the home school, family and community 
  • Civic and personal responsibility
One School, One Book Initiative
    The OA Avengers have joined the One Book, One school initiative and are reading Unwind by Neal Shusterman.  Stay tuned for updates on this exciting program!


Oconee Academy envisions an alternative setting where our diverse student population has an opportunity to successfully integrate back into the home school environment.

Events & Activities

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